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Title : Diddy Kong Racing
Publisher :  Nintendo
Genre : Racing
Total Disks : 1
Available Platform : N64
Game Mode: Single-Player
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  • Total Votes: 0
  • Total Sellers: 3
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Bring out your Nintendo 64 and enter the virtual gaming world with the Diddy Kong Racing game. Help Timber protect his family island from the intergalactic wizard named Wizpig. The race involving hovercrafts, cars and aircraft are the only means in this Nintendo video game to claim back the freedom of the island's inhabitants. Things take an ugly turn when the island's best driver, Drumstick, fails in his challenge in this Nintendo racing game and gets transformed into a frog by Wizpig's black magic. Assist the locals in creating a team of seven best drivers including Diddy Kong, Conker and many more in this Nintendo racing game and claim back their rights. Use the gamepad controls of the Nintendo 64 to proceed in this Nintendo video game. Choose to go single or tag along a friend on the multiplayer mode to help you win the Diddy Kong Racing action-packed game.

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