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Title : O.R.B. (Off-World Resource Base)
Publisher :  Strategy First
Genre : Strategy
Total Disks : 1
Available Platform : PC
Game Mode: Single-Player , Co-Op , Multiplayer
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As with most strategy games, the objective of O·R·B is to defeat enemy forces by gathering enough resources to build an attack fleet. As the name of the game implies, this is done by locating resource-bearing asteroids which must be mined to finance constructing new units. Successfully locating and protecting these asteroids is the key point in the game, as resources are scarce and the player must compete with their enemy in order to tap them.
In order to gain new technologies and better ships, the player must research them. This is particularly important in the campaign mode, as research is accumulated over each mission. For example, if a player neglects research in favor of force in the early levels will find themselves severely outmatched in the later levels. The game has two main playable races: the Alyssians and the Malus. Aside from a few unique ships on either side, the differences between the two are mostly cosmetic. The game also has three sub-races: the Aldar, the Elathen, and the Kyulek. 
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