New Halloween Mobile App Game

Hey Gamers,

There is a new Halloween themed mobile app game you should check out called Haloween Smash – Pumpkin Head & Friends by BT Studios, which is an independent mobile game studio based in Melbourne. The game is available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes. It is fun, highly addicting, and most importantly FREE!



In this game timing is everything, you need to try and collect as much candy corn as you can, while not smashing your pumpkin. It can be harder than it sounds.


The physics and graphics are well done. The Halloween theme really stands out.


When you unlock new characters, you have new abilities and strengths to help you complete difficult levels.


Go for the high score and have hours of Halloween fun. Try it now!


Preparing for your Driving Test

Hey gamers,

Just because you can drive great in video games, doesn’t automatically mean you drive great in real life. In fact, most you you probably drive crazy in video games. I mean have you tried obeying traffic laws in video games? Tough isn’t it? Well if you need some help passing your real life driver’s test we have the perfect website for you. is a website that offers DMV practice questions for learner’s permits or full license drivers in any US state. It has been online since 2007 and has more than 1 million annual users. All the tests are 100% FREE and drawn from one of the largest databases available online.



So…what are you waiting for? Get your license and start driving today legally.

Yazo tries to drive normally in GTA V…I have a feeling that won’t work out too well for her.


New Youtube Gaming Channel

Hey gamers,

If you’re anything like the staff here at Play’N’Swap when your not gaming you like to watch gaming channels dedicated to gaming. Recently we have been enjoying a new YouTube gaming channel so much that we had to make all of you aware it. Today, we would like to give a shout out to Filthy Gaming MD.


This YouTube channel is full of videos about gaming news and content, walkthroughs, reviews, and just about anything else you can think of that is gaming related. More importantly they are fun to watch and he is constantly engaging with his growing fan base. He also has tutorial videos dedicated to gamers who like to stream, so for all you Twitch and YouTube streamers we highly recommend you check his videos out as well.

websiteHe even recently launched own website If you visit his website right now you have a chance to win a prize drawing every month.

This month’s prize is a $25 dollar Amazon Gift card.

“Sweet Christmas”, as Luke Cage would say.sweet_christmas

So…what are you waiting for? Subscribe and check him out!

Below is just a few of his videos to give you a taste:




Latest Gaming News


New mobile Animal Zoo game. Collect animals, feed, house, protect, and upgrade them into rare animals.


Free Games for the Month of October


Full PS Plus Lineup:

  • Resident Evil, PS4
  • Transformers: Devastation, PS4
  • Mad Riders, PS3
  • From Dust, PS3
  • Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, PS Vita
  • Actual Sunlight, PS Vita


Full Xbox Gold Lineup:

  • Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, Xbox One
  • The Escapists, Xbox One
  • MX vs ATV Reflex, Xbox 360
  • I Am Alive, Xbox 360


Makeup Spaholic Hair Salon is a new mobile game that let’s you run a beauty salon.

Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards for 2016

There are various types of gaming keyboards, however, when it comes down to performance there is one type of keyboard that hands down always wins over the competition: Mechanical Keyboards.

gaming keyboard

Mechanical keyboards go perfectly with gaming; they were basically designed for it. The mechanical switches give tactile, consistent feedback that makes keystrokes register more reliably and predictably than other, regular keyboards. The keyboards also have anti-ghosting technology, which means you won’t be pressing too many buttons, too quickly for the hardware to recognize.

Many of these gaming keyboards are flashy and loud, so you’re going to want to look elsewhere for quiet mechanical keyboards that are good to bring into your office.


Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards

Top 10 Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

Gadget and Gear Reviews

Compare Game Server Rentals


Have you ever wanted to host your own game server? Be your own admin? Of course…but you probably think it takes too much technical expertise to setup or it is too expensive. Not true! With Nazeboo you can compare game server prices from all companies. You can host popular games like Rust, Arma 3, Minecraft, Gmod, Battlefield 1, Starbound, Hurtworld, Unturned and Ark on any server world wide. They have both high end and low-end servers depending on yoru needs. They even support voice servers like teamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrillo.


With Nazeboo you are guaranteed to get all the features you want at the best value by using the side by side comparison tool. You can easily filter through the servers while seeing ratings from other users.


Not only does Nazeboo do game server rentals, they also have amazing deals for video games. We highly recommend Nazeboo if you in the market of renting a gaming server or are just doing research on pricing.


Latest Gaming News

Journey to Heaven
(PC) has been released and is now available for purchase. 


Royalty Free Video Game Music

It requires a lot of people to create a video game nowadays. Programmers to develop the code, Graphic designers to develop the graphics, marketers to promote it, and game testers to ensure the game is bug free just to name a few. One aspect that is very important and often overlooked is music and audio effects. The right music can define your game as it affects the player’s mood and can be used to express different emotions. In fact, if you don’t have the right music in your game it can ruin the game experience.

Music in games are becoming extremely popular, just like how movies release soundtracks many video games have been doing the same thing. Music is also one of the most recognized way to bring back those nostalgic memories of video gaming. When was the last time you heard the Mario theme song? How do you think the Sonic game would be without their iconic background music and sound effects? All of this very important to video game success. Well for all the indie game developers out there, you may be in luck.


RobotSound is a royalty free music store for indie game developers. Finding good music for games on the web can be very tricky and royalty-free is a great way of getting affordable high quality sound. The audio experts at RobotSound have created this site in order to offer the highest quality game sound at the lowest price possible to help indie game developers get an edge against the competition.

The offer developers wide range of audio to choose from from background music to sound effects for gameplay and the user interface.  Royalty free game music is useful for both any experienced or up and coming video game designer. In fact audio my be one the most important video game assets often overlooked.

Here is an example of a game using RobotSound’s music and sound effects:

One of the best things about RobotSound’s website is that they organize audio based on specific categories such as background music for Action, Arcade, Adventure, or RPG games. You can also preview the music and sound effects. We highly recommend that anyone who is currently working on a game or even thinking about working on a project that requires audio check them out.