Title Big Brain Academy
Publisher  Nintendo
Genre Casual
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Game Mode
Platform Nintendo DS, Wii
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Big Brain Academy deviates from the standard puzzle game that most users expect. Instead, this video game is organized into multiple modes, in which players test their ability to carry out different kinds of mental tasks and improve their abilities. The core gameplay is centered on Test Mode, which selects random puzzles from each of the game's puzzle categories. Players are graded based on how quickly and how well they do the puzzles in Big Brain Academy. Practice mode allows players of the puzzle game to select puzzles from any of the categories to improve their skills at for the next time that they play Test mode. Difficulty is selectable in this video game to allow players to scale the puzzles based on how confident they are in their abilities. This also prevents younger players from becoming too frustrated by higher difficulty puzzle. Additionally, Big Brain Academy features a multiplayer mode that connects players.



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