Title 1080: TenEighty Snowboarding
Publisher  Nintendo
Genre Sports
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform N64
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Enjoy adventurous skips and slide down a snow-covered slope with the multiplayer 1080 TenEighty Snowboarding video game which runs on the Nintendo platform. This Nintendo game offers 25 tricks which are to be performed in circular positions with the help of the control stick. The three race modes, namely easy, medium, or hard race, in this sports video game let you start of with the kind of phase you are comfortable with. The training modem and the options mode allow you to adjust the setting accordingly. This sports video game lets you choose your favorite player from five characters available. The snowboarders in the 1080 TenEighty Snowboarding game give you a different feeling every time you snowboard, as they are possessed with unique abilities at diverse levels and modes. Plug-in the wiimote classic controller and gamecube accessories to this Nintendo game to get a real spine-chilling snowboarding experience.

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