Title NBA 2K3
Publisher  SEGA
Genre Sports
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform PlayStation 2
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Sega Sports(tm) NBA 2K3 powers forward with the kind of improvement that only results from an off-season dedicated to perfection. Imagine jump shots so real players actually adjust their movement based on distance from the hoop and defensive pressure; a passing touch that gives you the control to skirt a defender or air-out a fast break; dribble moves that let you jab left, rock right, crossover, spin, and more. From especially hard fouls to accurate impact from collisions, authoritative dunks to presis shot blocking; no other game delivers the physical element of our sport like this. With commentators that analyze stategy, cut scenes portraying lifelike player interaction, and a brand new ESPN braodcast system; NBA 2K3 provides the most complete and advanced NBA experience around.

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