Move out of the way Xbox Kinect and PS Move – VR Gaming is here to stay

Xbox Kinect and PS Move have set the groundwork of motion gaming, but it’s time to pass the torch to VR Gaming. VR is Here to Stay as we are happy to share we have playing a nonstop full hour of VR Gaming standing up with no breaks – and had a blast! After trying virtual reality world for one hour standing up it was a pleasant surprise 2 to not even notice an urge to sit down or take the headset off.  You are standing up immersed in the game while having a compelling experience so since your in the zone enjoying the game so you are not bothered by time and really outside distractions. When a VR game works smoothly you can be in and out without friction which is really an incredible experience. There is some speculation that VR games need to mature and that is true, but geez there is an array of current quality titles out right now to pick from that are surely a great time. We can’t wait until more hit franchises are brought to VR. We definitely need more JRPGS and Anime games please! We need turn based JRPGs like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Yes there is an audience for it, so you make it we buy it so please don’t hold back and only make games exclusive to Japan only. Good Riddance! Moreover there are currently a few exciting titles in the works like Nostos an open world RPG similar to Sword Art Online.

When playing a game in VR you are feeling immersed into the story and you feel a part of the gameplay. This is the unique aspect about virtual reality which sets it apart from traditional gaming console or mobile. You are standing figure in the game and your hands are your hands in the game so you can grab stuff and interact with the virtual world. There are games that will give you a option if you want to play in a standing or sitting position, or better a 360 field of view which gives you the best experience in virtual reality.

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