Awaiting the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is officially coming to town holiday 2020. After tons of speculation, and different aliases, Microsoft have officially announced the Xbox Series X. In fact, Xbox Series X is now rumored to be an alias so let’s stay tuned for more information as e3 2020 approaches. For those who don’t know, E3 is the largest US gaming convention to announce gaming surprises, upcoming releases, and any major gaming news Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would like to share. This is a long awaited console that fans are anxious to get their hands on. We are expecting a price range of $500 to $400 at launch since this will be a high powered console that is combating Sony for the hardcore and casual gamer household. We are looking to get cross platform play to be able to play with any of our friends or family no matter what console they can afford.


These are rumored specifications for the Xbox Series X. Of course Microsoft will announce the official specifications when they are closer to launch.

Processor Custom AMD Zen 2-based CPU (8x @ 3.6 GHz)
Graphics Custom AMD Navi-based GPU (12 TF RDNA)
Memory 16GB GDDR6 RAM (13GB guaranteed for game developers)
Storage NVMe SSD (we’ve heard read speeds of anywhere up to 2GB/s)
Video output 8K, 4K @ 120Hz
Optical drive 4K Blu-ray
Ports Unknown
Color Matte Black
Price Unknown
Size 30cm x 16cm x 16cm (estimate)
Release date Holiday 2020

With Microsoft Series X having AMD Ryzen zen 2 CPU, NVMe SSD, GDDR6 SDRAM, 120 Hz refresh rate, 8k capabilities, and a massive 12 teraflops of graphical processing power, Xbox Series X will truly hold it’s on next generation. Of course you need games that take advantage of this raw power, and this is why Microsoft have acquired game studios to add to their exclusive catalog.

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