Dead Space 3 Cheat/Hack Discovered!

It was recently announced that a player found a way to circumvent the micro-transaction process in Dead Space 3. As some of you may be aware, Dead Space often forces players to conserve and find supplies in the game. Part of the challenge is locating scarce in-game resources needed to defeat the monsters in the game; resources are often used to make medical items or ammunition. The developers recently added an option where you could purchase extra resources, if you were having trouble finding them.

Due to a recent bug found, which potentially allows you to have an unlimited supply of items, the micro-transaction process introduced may be rendered useless.

This begs an ethical question: Do you think using a game’s discovered exploit is considered cheating or is it fair game?

Here at PlayNSwap we can see justification for both sides of this issue:

We agree that Dead Space is more fun if your forced to gather the scarce resources and fight with limited items, as it adds more realism to the game. It is also a greater accomplishment to beat a game without using exploits or purchasing helpful items. However, we understand gamers’ complaint over that the whole idea of micro-transactions. It can be argued in today’s video game world its nearly impossible to get all the features of a video game “out of the box” anymore. Also is it wrong to find a way to get passed a part of a game you happen to be stuck in? All in all, video gaming is supposed to be about fun right?

What do you all think? Feel free to leave a comment.