Doraleous and Associates Returns!

Hello all,

After a very very long wait…new episodes of Doraleous and Associates have finally been released!

For those of you who do not know…Doraleous and Associates is a YouTube series produced by Hank and Jed, who are well known for their Machinima sponsored YouTube series Battlefield Friends or BFF. Doraleous & Associates originally made 36 episodes, but stopped mid-story to concentrate on other efforts. After huge demand from viewers, they decided to launch a kickstarter to raise money complete the season.

Doraleous and Associates raised over $80,000 dollars on Kickstarter
Doraleous and Associates raised over $80,000 dollars on Kickstarter

Hilarious Crowdfunding videos:

That was back in April of 2013, and many users who donated complained after no progress was seen for many months.

Well no need to worry! The show is back and is just as hilarious as ever.

Below is episode 37 for your convenience:

Also for those of you who have never seen the show…

Watch the first episode here:


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