E3 2019 Recap – Tons of Gems Underway!

E3 2019 gaming conferences which is held annually in Los Angeles, never disappoints as being one of the most exciting events of each year. Google Stadia will be releasing in November. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be releasing in November. Stormland and Asguard will be releasing this year exclusively on Oculus VR. Darksiders Genesis has been announced and will be released on all major platforms this year. This E3 2019 Recap will cover the stand out games mentioned in the conference. There are too many to cover here, but these are our choices for the gaming gems of the E3.

Microsoft has announced their new console which is said to be released in 2020 and long side long awaited halo infinite. 2020 seems this is the year where are there high-profile games that are scheduled including Cyberpunk 2077 which looks like the hottest title being worked on for many years. Each year the game gets teased and it looks phenomenal so this is definitely a title that you should pay attention to. It is scheduled to be released April 2020. This year has gears 5 which allows you to place is Terminator. Our choice for the most anticipated game coming this year in 2019 is Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.




Marvel Avengers game made by Square Enix looks promising and Final Fantasy still looks amazing. Pokemon sword and shield looks better-than-expected. It actually looks like a modern JRPG with an open world and the animations are starting to look like anime which is the perfect art direction in the Pokemon Universe. Zelda breath of the wild is getting a sequel. Panzer Dragoon is coming to the switch. Luigi mansion looks top notch. Nintendo had a superb showcase. Unfortunately a new Metroid was not announced.

This creative VR games called Pistol Whip VR which mixes Beat Saber with John Wick looks incredible, will be available for all major VR platforms.




This wraps up the E3 2019 Recap. There you have it folks! Tons of exciting games in the pipeline for later this year and 2020 is definitively stacked as well with gems, as well as a start to a new console generation.

For the current hot game titles avaiable, check out our selection!