Hey gamer, get your exercise when gaming

Don’t forget the importance of exercise. Exercise when gaming is a double bonus, as you can be locked into gaming action against your gamer friends and not notice your both getting a decent sweat on. It is a good idea to take care of your well-being such as taking many breaks from long sessions gaming, being on your phone or any long-duration in the seating position.

Thankfully there are many gaming options that with selection increasing more and more everyday such as motion games, dance and music games. During the generation of Xbox 360 and PS3, Xbox Kinect, PS Move and and Nintendo Wii had many interactive games in the market to choose from. Not only that, you can buy accessories to enhance the gaming experience such as using a shooting peripheral instead of the traditional controller alone.

In modern-day gaming, Nintendo Switch and VR is your best options. Nintendo Switch has motion controls built into the Joy-Con controllers so many games feature a motion version of the game rather than using additional controllers. For example you can play Mario Tennis Aces using the game pads by pressing the directional and button to maneuver your character in a tennis match or you can switch to motion controls and instead actually swing the Joy-Con in different directions to hit the tennis ball. Exercise when gaming is possible even when getting your groove on in Just Dance or Dance Central games all of which were inspired by the Dance Dance Revolution series which help paved the way for the dance games niche.

Kinect Sports allows you take play several sports competitive with your friends. You get to challenge another person on one Kinect, but recognizing both people able to race each other with jet skis, competing making soccer goals, or an intense game of bowling. The accuracy mechanics are not perfect, but it’s close enough to be satisfying and not derail you from your entertainment.

For intense multiplayer action and get your fitness on, as always check out our available games!