Wishes for Future Gaming Improvements – Part 2

Future gaming improvements are something that every gamer loves to talk about. We are the one’s playing so our feedback should be heard. So why not on the big stage of PlayNSwap. Well we have you covered folks. We love physical version of games because we have power to be able to sell it when we’re done with it. We also love physical games that don’t take up hard drive space by keeping the game content on the disk or cartridge. Storage space has been a massive issue for gamers so we’re looking for the best solution where we don’t have to worry about storage space.

Cross-play is a trending topic looking for in multi-platform releases. Not everyone can afford to buy multiple platforms so let’s remove the friction and let friends play with friends regardless of which system they own. Getting more and high-quality AAA exclusives should be a priority that was mostly dominated by Sony PlayStation 4 this generation with exclusives like Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, MLB The Show, God of War, Uncharted 4, and Street Fighter 5. The Investments of game studios that Microsoft have made it should be definitely more competitive think of what kind of exclusive Microsoft will finally get. Mobile gaming space should be interesting as well as there is demand for a mobile console go to the success of the Nintendo switch. There seems to be an opportunity if console makers can make a tablet with more power such as a portable console that can produce 4K graphics. They may surpass this opportunity and may be for the taking of the Nintendo Switch successor. So this wraps up our wishes for future gaming improvements. Gaming hardware makers please take notice we cross platform ability to play with our friends and family not matter their income level, as not everyone can afford or want to invest into multiple consoles. We also want a high speed friction-less experience, give us way more storage space for the entry level models, a next level Nintendo Switch alternative with an expanded suite of games and exclusives.

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