Game Online Multiplayer Services

Gaming online services of 2019 are undergoing a battle of which is the best service and delivers the most value 2 gamers. The contenders are PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live and Nintendo Online. All three gaming online services have common grounds, but they also have some pitfalls. All in all, they are incredible online services that connect gamers across the world in competitive battles and online communication.



All three offer free games as a perk to staying on as a member and allows you to play multiplayer online competitively with gamers across the globe.

PlayStation Plus offers you free games four, PS3, pS Vita until this day. Xbox Live allows you to gets free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and added benefit is that the Xbox 360 games are likely backwards compatible and able to be played on the Xbox One. Nintendo Online is not giving current generation console games or indie games for as a monthly perk, but rather Nintendo Classics from retro Nintendo consoles. Negative with the Nintendo online service is that there’s no current support for a microphone to play with gamers online, so your only option is to get a smartphone app to communication with fellow gamers. Another issue is that not all or close to the majority of Nintendo games have extended there ability to be played online and that’s felt with gamers that want to play more than a select few console exclusives. Fortunately the top multiplayer gamers are available online. These selections include no other than Mario Karts 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 which are the two of the highly popular and competitive games on the Nintendo switch with massive replayability.


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