Future Gaming Improvement Wishes – Part 1

Future gaming improvement wishes that console makers should consider next generation are focusing on all the mistakes and missed opportunities of this past generation. On top of the wish list that is well known is to improve and to minimize download time loading menus, and online navigation delays and overall system speed. Time is precious and people just want to game. Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus have their own unique online experiences with a variety of different features which makes them both special in their own right. People have a choice whether to choose both, one or none. Nintendo has finally entered the paid online gaming service market so we’re hoping that they can learn as much as possible from PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live as have had a rocky start. The ability to manage your account and download games from your console, over a website or a mobile app are the convenience and persistence that we expect and love.

We would strongly prefer to have previous generations 100% backwards compatible as we already have paid for a game on a past system, why should we have to pay for the same game again? Sony and Microsoft are taking notice that we want backwards compatibility. Ahem, Nintendo… we’re still waiting on how you respond. If one console is offering backwards compatibility and the other is not, choice is clear as night and day of which console to invest in. Competition is a good thing because it motivates each console maker to give customers more over the other competitors, otherwise they’ll be left in the dust without customers. This is a vital future gaming improvement that doesn’t need to be changed. As the saying going, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

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