Linear vs Open World JRPG

Linear Japanese role-playing games have some advantages vs open world kind of RPGs and vice versa. The nice thing about a linear JRPG game is not only the RPG game genre is that it’s more direct and straight to the point that keeps you on track to the next mission. Linear games save you time to get through the story. Where open world games get lost into different areas of exploration and sometimes stuck when the game doesn’t get you back on track. If side quest hunting is your thing, and you don’t mind putting in a lot of time into and enjoy the open exploration than an open world JRPG is for you. For these fans,  its all in great joy to get lost in the fantasies of the world and also finding ways out of each puzzle hence will embrace the challenge and will feel rewarded when you figure out how to get through each obstacle on your journey. A JRPG like Final Fantasy 7 on the Playstation is a legendary JRPG icon tents because it would push the hardware limits give you story would some fantastic level design, character sprites with rewarding leveling up to acquire new abilities, weapons, items and unlock new areas to discover. Modern JRPGs have learned from the past games and are inspired in their design and game decisions.

Taking on a challenge and playing through a story is what brings people into this JRPG genre. Being emotionally invested into the characters, same as you do watching movies, yet gaming is interactive and decisions and reactions rest entirely up to you. JRPGs have some of the best character design, level design, battle systems, and creativity of all genres. I advise you to give this genre a look as some of the best gaming experiences are to be had with the art of JRPGs whether your cup of tea is linear and straight to the action or open world creative freedom and engagement.

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