Mobile World – The Evolution Continues

It’s a mobile world and the evolution of phones is such a debatable and well-received topic because people nowadays are dependent on their phones and more importantly wifi-connected devices. It’s such a valuable ability to be able to communicate to the world to receive world news instantly with any country of your choice, and make purchases with wifi-connected device which can get to you at the convenience of your home aka like we are we do here at Playnswap –  trading games with gamers from all over the country to ship directly with other gamers, while you’re in your pajamas courtesy of your home If you think about it now phones are getting more expensive than tablets even though they are a smaller device and surprising fast have some models are even more expensive than a laptop computer. Now that is truly bonkers as technology is becoming important and consumers will surely pay for quality technology. A fully-featured laptop or desktop computer can be had for half the price of one of the top feature rich smartphones. All of these at the same time, can conveniently play games. Better yet currently you can get a Nintendo Switch which provides console-quality game experiences, and have apps like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube at your hip. Now if that’s not an all-in-one solution for people that like to play on the go, then you might want to at another thought.

Smartphone games just aren’t as story-driven, content featured, for production quality produced like some AAA games which are specifically designed to be used with a controller as the primary input and touch and motion are secondary options. In this mobile world, you can trade video games on the go on your phones with Playnswap you can check your bank account, or even jump on a video call with a friend on the other side of the globe. Now that the moment of this technologic age is appreciated and noted, let’s get back to playing games.

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