Nostalgia is the Motivator

Nostalgia is a of a motivator to get people to care about new releases which links them back to hood memories and happy times and people want to the those moments and share it with their friends and family. Basically people love being happy. So if your favorite cartoon was The Jetsons or The Flintstones growing up, remakes of those movies for today’s day would blow up with people going to see that movie and parents that watch it as a kid, 2 their kids lives and and other family members. That is a transformation that resonate with people. There’s going to be a pokemon movie that looks ultra space realistic characters coming space out this summer, so that has a high chance for success because not only will they attract kids growing up today, there’s an also a nostalgia attraction 4 audience that watch Pokemon growing up as well.


What does nostalgia mean? Soulja means childhood memories that motivate you to relive inexperience to happiness again. Nostalgia makes me purchase games it gives me the opportunity to relive happy moments that I once had when I played that game as a child characters seen the new art new graphics and new challenges. It also brings back memories of when i made memories with are cousins and Friends. Some of my earliest moments clean video games at an early age with playStation 1 games so just Crash Bandicoot with crash and Coco in Crash Bandicoot warped in particular when you could play with coco or crash and jet ski through a beach and ride a motorcycle. Or games like Spyro and tekken .

Playing games from your past triggers fantasies, creativity, imagination and exploration that we have indulged in during our past years. The good old years where we can would dive into a new game for hours and didn’t have to worry about jobs or responsilities interrupting out gaming sessions.

Oftentimes video games end up either coming from or creating a TV show series or movie where that video game franchise is being introduced or creating momentum for future new gaming releases. This is how you become a fan of the franchise and can connect with the gaming community for your beloved games.


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