Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S VR Demos Are This Week!

For any of those skeptical, Virtual Reality is a blast, even for a short session. You don’t need to keep it on for an hour to justify if it’s a good time for you with these VR Demos. The best way to decide which VR headset to buy, or if you want one at all, is to try it yourself. If you’re interested in the upcoming Oculus Quest or Rift S, retailers will have demos for each headset starting at launch.

The demos are USA-only for now, but hopefully they’ll arrive in more countries in future like with the original Rift.

Facebook hasn’t said which games will be demo’d, but it’s likely the same demos preinstalled on Quest.

Check your local Best Buy and Microsoft Store to plan on doing a live demo first before deciding to buy at this rate.

Oculus Quest (Best Buy)


The Oculus Quest standalone headset will have demos at Best Buy stores, starting on May 21, the day it launches officially. Facebook hasn’t said how long these demos will run for, but they aren’t described as “limited” or anything like that.

When the demos are available, you’ll be able to find a participating Best Buy on live.oculus.com.

Rift S (Microsoft Store)

The Rift S PC VR headset will have VR demos at Microsoft Stores. Microsoft will sell Rift S because it runs from Windows, which is also why it won’t be selling the Quest.

Rift S demos will only be held “for a limited time” from May 21, the day it launches, so you’ll want to go soon after that date to ensure you get one.

These two headsets are as good as it gets for Oculus fans and VR fans alike. This is an opportunity to test drive the future, so take advantage of these demos.

Until you check out this VR headsets, check out the available games.