Play’N’Swap Easter Egg Hunt Event!

FREE Points and Prizes!
Video Game Easter Eggs

There always fun to find, but now you can win BIG for finding ours!

For this weekend only, will have Easter eggs scattered throughout the website. Try to find them in order to earn FREE points and other great prizes! As most gamers know, “Easter Eggs” are hidden references or secrets in video games. To celebrate this Easter weekend we have decided to hide some Easter eggs of our own.  Some of the Easter eggs are images of video game items and others are iconic video game characters. 

Items tend to stay in one place, but the characters themselves will be constantly moving around the website as the weekend goes by. That means a page you checked few moments ago may not be empty after all. The picture above is a hint and reference to some of the characters and items you can find on our website.
Visit to start looking for Easter Eggs now!

Instructions: Each Easter egg contains special details inside them. Simply search the website for hidden Easter eggs. Once you find them, click to open them up, and then follow the instructions inside to earn your FREE points or other great prizes.

For those of you savvy enough to read this blog post, we will let you in on a little secret: During course of this weekend there will be 31 Easter Eggs hidden on the website.