Playnswap vs Brick and Motar Stores

Playnswap vs brick and motar stores is an often overlooked debate. When comparing going to a collectors store versus online, there tends to be several pros and cons. Benefits of going online is that there is more of a variety of options, you are more likely to find hidden gems that you are looking for, and the same game where collectors store will have only limited listings, it’s more likely to have multiple available listings of the same game to drive down the price so you get cheaper collectibles online. The benefit of a brick-and-mortar is that you can get your hands and feel and touch the item before your purchase. This is not quite the same luxury as you will see occasional demo stations at a Best Buy of the latest tech, but it’s still a plus. The negative parts of a brick-and-mortar is that items are usually more expensive, there’s less variety, you’re spending gas money, and it’s time consuming to take a trip there and back when oftentimes they may not have what you’re looking for which can be frustrating. Oh the worst, you have to deal with annoying sales people pressuring you to sell you stuff you don’t want or need or want like magazine subscriptions *cough* GameStop.


When you can sit at home in your pajamas and take your time shopping online 24/7 is so much easier then having to worry about store open and close hours. Being able to return an item by printing the return label and shipping out the item without any questions asked is a unbelievably rewarding experience. Also the amount of both new and uninformed sales people giving you wrong information or not knowing how to do their job so they have to rely on other employees or their manager to figure things out while you the customer sitting there waiting for half hour to an hour of unplanned time in the store, yeah we all been through that. That’s just one of the many horror stories that happens daily when considering Playnswap vs brick and motar stores.

Till next time, let’s relax from the comfort of our own homes with a hot chocolate and browse to see what’s available.

Thank goodness for the internet. Namaste.