Pokemon Sword and Shield releases November 15, 2019!

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the next adoration of the miniseries release worldwide. Pokemon the massively popular franchise suspend running over 20 years. Game Freak is there legendary developer that has been developing role playing game series since Pokemon Red and Blue. They have always followed the same model hence why each similar release has similar gameplay style, encounters and animations. It resonates with a lot of people which keep them coming back for more. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This time around, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be built naively on Nintendo Switch to best utilize its performance so we are in for a treat this release as the best graphical representation of the Pokemon world in a game yet.


The reason Pokemon games are so addicting is that there are easy to jump into, the narrative of the story teaches you how to play throughout and this RPG is linear so you’re not going to get lost in a big world. When you’re in a town there’s only a limited amount of paths you can take so it limits your frustration moments. If you take the wrong path just try the next one and oftentimes talking to people on your journey will give you clues where to go next. And you also have the power of the internet where you can just search for tips and walkthroughs for the town that you’re in to help guide you through it. They also offer strategy guides that offer a lot of insider tips, answers, and statistics for each Pokemon release. There are so many Pokemon at this point that each game is growing in content. There is only so much budget and time in between releases so it makes sense they can not pack in over 1,000 Pokemon in 1 game. It’s much better for the makers to focus on quality of the battle style and battle animations over sheer quantity of pokemon in game. We still demand for future to include more Pokemon and be compatible with previous versions of Pokemon game, but time will tell if Nintendo hears our wishes. Nonetheless, we are confident that Nintendo will figure it out and leverage the power of the Nintendo Switch hardware to give us an amazing experience JRPG story and experience that we have been accustomed to and love.

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