PS Vita – The Sony PSP Successor for Portable Gaming

PS Vita is a tremendous underrated portable system. It is an overachiever is truly underrated for the amount of bang that you get for your buck and the catalog of games you can choose from. Not only that, sony is giving free games monthly until this day. Not loyalty then I don’t know for your consumer fanbase. You can get everything from charted, gravity Rush, god of War, persona 5, and many other Sony exclusives. Unfortunately the system did not so anywhere close to how welding attend o3ds sold so it does not have the the video game support that’s the 30s received. For the value this system is incredible if you just want portable quality of games on the go inglorious resolution. The system is easy to navigate with the user interface. But it’s not perfect vita owners notice that you have to pay extended memory card to expand the call of this system since there’s Limited fridge for you to save downloaded games.


The PS Vita is pricey and is it more expensive system overall than the 1003 DS. It does have a more mature catalog of games and no Appeals console gamers. It’s nice to have a dedicated portable system that has controller built in with quality games rather than iPad without a controller natively and call Quality and simple games that just don’t have your attention for very long because they’re so simple and the replay value is just not there. People crave story and Rich games that are challenging an immersive and really it’s the wow factor that you get from egg amazing game experience that you just are not going to get on an iPad.


The PS Vita is a quality little portable system you can feel the hardware feels premium, sturdy and slim form factor. There’s no denying that this is exciting start to portable gaming. We hope that Sony continues to support this system end creates future iterations that continue to have wide variety of 1st and 3rd party support in their game Library.


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