PS4 vs Xbox One in Sales

Clash of the titans is the debate when it comes to PS4 vs Xbox One in sales. The reason why Xbox One did not sell as well as a PS4 is because several reasons. For starters when the first Xbox One console launched it had a high price tag and not only that they were trying to force you to invest into the Kinect, which is a attachment that allows you to play free motion games that’s people became familiar with with the Xbox 360. This was not a good strategy because only certain people were already familiar and wanted a kinect experience meanwhile a larger crowd just wanted to get the system on a low budget and be able to play the games that they like playing. Let’s think about each console launch. Many of us are early adopters and we know the routine. We shell out a ton of cash we don’t have to barely afford the system with 1 game that excites us and maybe an extra controller. That’s it for the budget of many people. The PS4 launched at a cheaper price and had momentum due to customer loyalty of being aggressive with PlayStation Plus dishing out free games that it would give away each month to its members. Playstation Plus was doing this much longer than Xbox Live. Xbox was delayed to match that incentive. Not only highlighting these advantages, but Sony was more strategic in acquiring more exclusives that matter two gamers such as getting exclusivity to MLB, Street Fighter 5, and Spider-Man which we’re both huge because gamers want to play the latest of their favorite franchises. Overall PS4 just had alot more exclusive titles, that Xbox One did not match. All of these factors gave the edge to Sony in sales.


We sure love us some Xbox. PS4 may have had more sales, but it doesn’t mean you cant enjoy every console. This rodeo is decided, but it may get more interested in the next round of consoles as Microsoft is looking to compete with more exclusive games. As it’s good to be aware of PS4 vs Xbox One in Sales, nothing beats playing games, even speculating about console wars. Thus let’s march on and check out our available games!