Video Games vs Traditional Sports

Video Games vs Traditional Sports is an entertaining debate in front of friends and family. Video games does share similarities with traditional sports such as competitive nature, working with teammates, and formulating a strategy to win. ESPN is recently starting to air gaming tournaments of popular games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.


The Video Games vs Traditional Sports debate should not be speculated on as it’s clear that a competition is still a competition at the end of the day. Video games share many similarities in comparison to traditional Sports. The will to win and compete for a championship are the core of both hobbies.

Some people even ask a question why would people watch other people play video games? Now what may seem like a reasonable question to ask, but the perfect follow up to ask is – why do casual people or even people that play sports watch other people playing sports on TV or live at the end? This is ironic as this is already happening everyday in society. I personally love to play pick up games of basketball on my down time and equally enjoy watching hours of NBA games of basketball. I am by no means not a NBA professional basketball player so it’s a hobby I like to do on the side and so when there’s a competitive basketball game I’d love to watch it because I enjoy competition. This is the same with video games. People play video games whether it’s casually or professionally because people enjoy the competition and many other reasons such as enjoying a new story, trying different strategies in the game or as an outlet to get away. The same thing applies when watching a video game streamer compete in the game and oftentimes providing entertainment. People even like to watch Esports competitions because they want to see and experience the very best competitors in the world and their decision-making, tips and tricks.

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