Title Halo 3
Publisher  Microsoft
Genre Shooter
Total Disks 1
Game Mode
Platform XBox 360
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Enter the world of science fiction with the Halo 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 video game. In this sci-fi game you play a character named Master Chief whose main mission is to save earth from that of the Covenant and Flood forces. In this sci-fi game the story starts with the war rising in the midst of the covenant. The Halo 3 compels your character to end the war once and for all and bring justice to those responsible. Packed with automatic pistols, shields, and rocket launchers, this game gives you a trigger-pumping gameplay. Moreover, this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game also features a four player co-op mode, making it a lot more fun. To beef things up a little more, this first-person shooter game supports a 16-player multiplayer mode, giving you cut throat competition. All in all, this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game features a futuristic storyline and great visuals to make it all worth it.

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