Title BloodRayne 2
Genre Adventure
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Platform PlayStation 2
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BloodRayne returns in all her crimson-haired, twin-bladed glory! Majesco brings the tale of the half-human, half-vampire, and all-woman secret agent into modern day with a brand-new story line pitting her against the most dangerous foe she could face: her own vampire father.

This version of the deliciously deadly heroine really pushes the power envelope. Ms. Rayne still sports her signature forearm blades, but her speed and combat ability is greatly enhanced, thanks to the newest version of Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine. Her arsenal has improved considerably and now includes upgradable shotguns, energy rifles, and explosive devices.

Her attacks aren't any less formidable this time around, inflicting harsh damage on her foes. Blood Rage is back, joined by the punishing Blood Fury and the even more devastating Blood Storm. Her vampiric heritage also augments her aura vision, allowing her to locate hidden areas and sense infrared clues. She’s got some nifty new talents as well, including the ability to send out a spectral version of herself to acquire blood from a distance.

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