Title Jet Moto 2
Publisher  Sony
Genre Racing
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform PlayStation 1
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The attraction to Jet Moto 2 lies in the variety of tracks offered. The original stuck mostly to a safe compilation of sand, sea, and snow-based courses, but it's follow-up does features deserts and mountainsides. For example, a remote desert location leads up the side of a lava-spewing volcano, the level Aftershock takes you from a wreckage-filled ocean into the remains of a toxic quake-ridden Los Angeles, and the Rollercide leads you along the tracks of a demented carnival's roller coaster. These bizarre levels take the Jet Moto series yet another step away from the traditional racer and are rescued from the threat of "gimmickiness" by the perverse and detailed humor that SingleTrac so deftly displayed in its amazing Twisted Metal series.

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