Title Farming Simulator 2011
Publisher  trisynergy
Genre Simulation
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Game Mode Single-Player
Platform PC & Mac
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The third major version in the franchise "Farming Simulator", contains plenty of new features and improvements. It's now possible to raise cattle - by completing a variety of tasks including feeding them and using the manure for muck-spreading on the fields. The addition of a multiplayer mode in which you can manage your farm together with your friends - online over the internet or across a local network, is a great addition in this version of "Farming Simulator".
In the improved career mode, you take on the role of a young farmer and experience the everyday life of a farmer in the countryside. The world which is accurately modelled is by far the most stellar looking one yet, you are also free to go wherever you may desire. By performing activities such as ploughing fields, seeding and bailing you build up financial resources which allow you to purchase better equipment. You can visit the local agricultural machinery store to buy new vehicles and accessories or sell your old machinery.

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