Title Alice In Wonderland
Publisher  Disney Interactive Studios
Genre Casual
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform Wii
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall down the rabbit hole?  For the first time you can soon experience Alice s fantastical adventure inspired by the highly anticipated Disney Alice in Wonderland film from the mind of Tim Burton. This game promises to take you on a journey beyond the movie and your wildest imagination.Key Features: Explore a visually stunning world filled with whimsical settings optical illusions curiously challenging puzzles and formidable adversaries. Play as the Mad Hatter White Rabbit Cheshire Cat and other memorable characters from the film. Master unique abilities such as altering perception making objects invisible and manipulating time. Develop new skills with an expandable bat system and upgradeable moves. Guide Alice to help her fulfill an exciting destiny that culminates with  the ultimate battle against the Jabberwocky.

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