Title Madden NFL 2001
Publisher  EA Sports
Genre Sports
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Game Mode Single-Player
Platform PlayStation 1
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John Madden is back and he's brought the entire NFL with him into your PlayStation with Madden NFL 2001. The game includes the updated rosters you'd expect, but new this season is the addition of coaches on the sidelines to give you specialized advice. Details for this version include wristbands, visors, facemasks and turf tape—specific to what each player favors in the real NFL. Collisions now factor the weight and height of players, making for more realistic hits. EA has even gone to the trouble of replicating some of the touchdown celebration dances and taunts of real players. The game also features a new music soundtrack, new audio and new play-by-play recorded by Madden and broadcast partner Pat Summerall. Players can collect Madden cards in this installment of the series by completing certain tasks, and they can trade those cards with friends via the separately sold memory card. Exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game, the Create-A-Team feature allows players to create new teams, edit existing rosters, and even recruit retired veterans to the squad.

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