Title Super Mario 3D Land
Publisher  TBD
Genre Adventure
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform Nintendo 3DS
User Reviews
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Interested Buyers - 1


Highlights: * Nintendo 3DS Super Mario 3D Land game reinvents what fans love about Mario gaming * Fan-favorite Tanooki Mario makes its first appearance on the Nintendo 3DS with attacking abilities * 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances of their environment Former Mario games have had the hero roam around fully rendered 3D landscapes. Now, for the first time ever, Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS allows players to see the true depth of their environment, without the need for special glasses! This Super Mario 3D Land game will have players experience an exhilarating new journey with incredible distance and speed while running, jumping and stomping on enemies throughout the levels. You'll love watching Mario perform a rolling somersault attack, or use his tail to hover, perform floating tricks or attacks as Tanooki Mario!

User Reviews

leen_trading 1/6/2019 9:16:24 PM
Great game!

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